PETs organisation

PET's organisation is divided into the following departments:

The Preventive Security Department offers security advice to public authorities and, in very special cases, private companies and organisations. The department comprises two centres: the Centre for Prevention and the Centre for Security Advice. The Centre for Prevention enables, supports and builds partnerships with national and international actors, who contribute towards preventing radicalisation and violent extremism. The Centre for Security Advice offers security counselling within a number of areas, including physical security, information security and vetting enquiries.

The Intelligence Department is a gathering point for the intelligence and intelligence gathering disciplines of PET. This department comprises: the Centre for Non-State Actors (dealing with e.g. terrorism), the Centre for State Actors (dealing with e.g. espionage) and the gathering disciplines (from source reporting to open source collection) and also comprises the Intelligence Gathering Co-ordination.

The Security Department provides operational support to the other units of PET and the police districts through: the Special Intervention Unit, the Personal Protection Unit and the Negotiation Group. The Security Department also comprises: the Security Co-ordination Centre, which ensures ongoing prioritisation of, among other tasks, personal protection and security coordination assignments in relation to major events, state visits and similar.

The Legal Department is responsible for ensuring and supervising the legality of all PET activities, including its use of coercive measures in relation to criminal procedure, its international and national co-operation and its processing of personal data. As part of this task, the Legal Department also supports the supervisory activities of the Danish Intelligence Oversight Board. Furthermore, the department prepares internal guidelines for the activities of PET and handles a number of specific matters, for example in relation to right of access to documents and security clearance procedures.

Support Functions performs traditional support functions on behalf of the following business areas: HR, IT & Documentation, Finance and Logistics, acting as the link between PET and the group support functions of the Danish National Police.

The PET Board of Directors comprises the Director General of PET and all heads of department. The Management Secretariat supports the Board of Directors and handles international and external communication tasks.