Other CTA-analyses

Each year, CTA prepares more than 200 analyses, etc. in relation to the terror threat against Denmark, Danish interests abroad and trends in the terrorism field. The majority of these analyses are prepared on the basis of classified information, either for operational use in PET or for use by other authorities.

Unclassified analyses in this area in English include, for example:

Militant Islamist Radicalisation - analysis 

The terror threat to Denmark from travellers to Syria and Iraq

Developments in the Threat from Foreign Fighters from Denmark in Syria

Danish Islamist circles with an impact on the terrorist threat to Denmark

The thread to Denmark from Foreign Fighters in Syria

The Cartoon Case from al-Qaida's ideological perspective, 16 June 2009

Al-Qaida's propaganda technique and argumentation, 25 November 2009

The threat from solo terrorism and "lone wolf" terrorism, 5 April 2011