Right-wing extremism

The right-wing extremist circles in Denmark continue to engage in active efforts to recruit new members and sympathisers.

This takes place, among other things, through the dissemination and promotion of racist messages on the internet, through the media, and through posters and fliers. The aim is to recruit and retain supporters as well as create antagonism between the general public and ethnic minorities. In addition, the right-wing extremists are making greater efforts than earlier to recruit members from the hooligan environment.

Traditionally, there has been close co-operation between right-wing extremist groups in Denmark and like-minded groups abroad, for instance through joint events and manifestations. In addition, PET has established that elements among the right-wing extremist circles in Denmark attempt to set up contact with violent extremist circles abroad. This development gives cause for concern because it can lead to a further radicalisation of some of the Danish right-wing extremist circles and thus further escalate the violent confrontations with the left-wing extremist circles.