Multilateral co-operation

PET participates in comprehensive multilateral co-operation, which takes place, for example, in the so-called Club de Berne and in the Counter Terrorism Group (CTG) of the EU Member States.

The Club de Berne is a co-operation forum between the national security and intelligence services of most EU Member States as well as Norway and Switzerland. The heads of the services concerned meet on a regular basis to discuss intelligence and security issues. Similarly, a number of working groups have been set up under the auspices of the Club de Berne. The objective of the forum is to foster both co-operation and exchange of information and experience between the security and intelligence services of the member countries. Denmark became a member of the Club de Berne in 1972.

The CTG was established by the heads of the security and intelligence services in the EU Member States following the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001. The group has a rotating presidency, which follows the Presidency of the EU. Work conducted in the group focuses on militant Islamist terrorism and comprises in particular the drawing up of joint threat assessments as well as discussion of initiatives to strengthen the operational co­operation on combating terrorism.

In addition, PET participates in a number of working groups within the framework of the EU and NATO as well as in a large number of other larger and smaller multilateral fora, where experience and best practices are shared and where strategy and competence development are discussed. Furthermore, specific training and education activities, management and quality development as well as IT system development, etc. are discussed.