A number of countries and networks continuously seek to develop and produce chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological products for use as weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) or other usage in a weapons programme. One of the greatest threats within this area is the so-called dual-use products, which are products, technology and knowledge that can have both a civilian and military use.

It may be difficult for both authorities and private companies to determine whether such a product is requested by a buyer or an end-user wishing to manufacture WMDs. PET has prevented the export of dual-use products to critical nations a number of times.

The activities of PET within this field are focused on countering the threat, for example by collecting, processing and analysing information regarding the countries that are suspected of wanting to develop WMDs. PET is also focused on companies and end-users that are trying to acquire products, technology or knowledge that can be used to develop such weapons.

In addition, PET co-operates with a large number of national and international authorities in order to gather information on the methods used in the attempt to purchase sensitive products that can be used to develop WMDs. Counter-proliferation of WMDs is both a national and an international challenge, and PET plays an active part in preventing Denmark from contributing to the proliferation and development of WMDs.