Technical Support Centre

PET’s Technical Support Centre performs a number of tasks within the field of technical and IT-based surveillance, tracking and security as support for PET’s operational units and the police districts.

The Technical Support Centre’s main responsibility is to provide technical assistance in regard to setting up different types of surveillance and interception. In addition, the Technical Support Centre provides assistance in connection with the tracking of individuals or vehicles. Furthermore, the Technical Support Centre performs security sweeps, for example in connection with uncovering concealed weapons, explosives and communications interception equipment at special localities. The Technical Support Centre also supports the operational units in connection with, for instance, searches and securing of information, for example from a computer.

The Technical Support Centre is primarily manned by police officers who are also trained as, for example, electronics or radio technicians. However, the Technical Support Centre also has engineers and civilian IT experts on its staff.

The members of staff are divided into groups according to function and with different competencies, and they regularly receive individual training in Denmark and abroad, always based on their current level of technical expertise. The Technical Support Centre engages in close dialogue with partners throughout the world in the development of technical surveillance equipment, etc. The Technical Support Centre also provides a certain degree of assistance to the police districts in connection with invasion of the secrecy of communication and assists in the technical training of the staff in the districts who undertake duties relating to invasion of the secrecy of communication.