The Co-ordination Office

The Co-ordination Office in the Security Department handles the daily contact to all ministries and also co-ordinates the security measures in relation to, among others, ministers and members of the Danish Parliament as well as foreign representations in Denmark.

Furthermore, the Co-ordination Office regularly co-operates with the Danish sports organisations concerning major sports events in Denmark and abroad. This led PET, for example, to have security co-ordinators present during the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, the 2009 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and the FIFA World Cup in South Africa in June 2010.

Security at foreign embassies in Denmark

PET works closely together with the foreign embassies in Denmark to protect these embassies and their staff against security-related threats.

In this connection, PET advises the foreign diplomatic missions on security issues, and the Service notifies the embassies regarding aspects of importance to the missions’ own security measures.

PET holds no detailed knowledge of the individual embassy’s own security measures, but it is a precondition for the co-operation with the embassies that PET is notified of security measures affecting the ability of the police and the Service to perform security tasks in relation to the individual embassies.